A Live EP

by My Body is an Ashtray

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Recorded live April 19, 2016 at The Prospector in Long Beach, CA by Alex Desloover


released May 6, 2016



all rights reserved


My Body is an Ashtray Los Angeles, California

Manics with borderline alcoholism

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Track Name: Poco Apocalypse
The super glue that holds between the seems
Yesterday it melted from a chemical release
And the weight of the world
Seemed to great for the faulty architecture
So the masonic bricks started crumbling
And the upper class began stumbling
And the drunks, yes we will continue mumbling
That the worst has yet to come

And I tip my hat to the men in the suits and the ties
For wearing a noose and burial clothes each work day
And I raise my glass to the bums on the corner
For lying to me, I know you won't eat, but here's my last buck anyway
Here's to the shit, here's to the luck
Here's to the fortunate, and here's to the fucked
Here's to my friends, so weird and so few
When the shit gets clogged in the fan I'll be thinking of you
That the best has yet to come

When popping pill and drinking excessively
Intensifies your lack of reality
I'll go sober tomorrow
If I could just stop waking up today

I need a god to find or at least a drug with no decline
Track Name: Porcelain
Stains become clear on the silk white porcelain that
Shatters on the floor like the tears of an orphan who could have
Been spared the pain if he'd just been aborted
Who is to say if he's blessed or unfortunate
He's alive

Now I sympathize with the mess on the bathroom floor
Swallowed my dignity but can't hold my lunch no more
Alcohol is constantly spewing out all my pores
Starting to wonder what the fuck I am doing this for
My demise

Clean white porcelain the stains are so clear
There are things that you don't need to hear my love
There is a darkness that we all must fear
Just know I am here
Track Name: Damien (Live)
Drunk as fuck and feeling fine
I'll drink your beer I'll drink your wine
I'll drink your words, I'll wretch up mine
It's getting better all the time
Ordinary occurrence, a bloody nose I deserve this
Words of hope hard to digest
It's getting better all the time

Believe me when I say

Yes I did it all for you
Fill emptiness with cigarette tattoos
You're on the edge and I'm jumping off the roof
Remember when I say it's all for you

Makeshift mind for monthly rent
I found my own incompetent
Fuck it all and no regrets
It's getting better all the time
Fill my glass with libation
Livercide for recreation
Cigarette burn constellations
It's getting better all the time
Track Name: Human Race (Live)
Sleep deprived, my bloodshot eyes
I'm just trying to keep it together
Maybe it'll all work out for the better
Gotta get myself out of this rut
Before things get even more fucked
Can't burnout if I don't go fast enough

When your close to death and you feel so alive
Every day brings you closer to your demise

So I break my fall with my face
Numb my pain with my disgrace
We're all in this on our own
There's a reason they call it the human race

When your drunk as hell and you feel so alive
Every day brings you closer to your demise

And I feel your pain, and I hope you can feel mine too
I don't know if you can tell, but I'm trying not to cry
And I feel for you, and I hope you can love me still
I don't know what I would do without you by my side

I'd probably die
Track Name: Nail Biter (Live)
Bleeding fingertips that can't remember
Your soft skin in mid December
Of the things I can recall
Your cheating face says it all

Tattered nails and broken spirits
Are crying for help but no one can hear it
When they bury me alive
There will be no claw marks on the inside

I did not sign my name to sit in confusion wasting away
But turn a blind eye if it comforts your soul
Your empathy sends me to heavens gallows

Cause I am just a nail biter
Waiting for my time to expire
And when it comes down to the wire
I'll throw my hands up

The blame is entirely yours
Why am I taking this out on myself
The blame is completely yours
Why am I suffocating myself